We Need to Rise

Honestly, I hate reading or listening to the news because it shows the depravity of most of this world. However, it also gives a strategy for prayer and brings enlightenment to the desperate need for God.

As I read an article last night, God spoke to me about rising up and asked the question, ”When is enough?”

As Christians, we understand that Christ died for us. Some mock. Others hate. But still, Christianity has yet to die out for a good reason – the Gospel brings Hope.

The end times is something that many shy away from because it brings the stark reality that we all need to make a choice…we can not live in the darkness and still love God. No, we must rise out of the shadows to show His truth, with love and grace – no matter what the cost.

Giving our lives to Christ meant we drew a line in the sand and said, we would be the light on the hill.

Will we rise to show unconditional love to those who wish to tear us down, but without watering down the Bible?

2,000 years ago Jesus died because He wouldn’t renounce the Good News and yet, in His final breath, He asked God to forgive those who killed Him.

My prayer as I look at events around the world, is one for mercy, but also that all Christians will rise up, not afraid of implications.

Let’s show the shocking reality of God’s unconditional love and also, ask for forgiveness of those who try to hurt us, because they really don’t know what they are doing.

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