We Are Most Important

What makes you stop and pause at the wonders of creation in this world?

Could it be a mountain that is topped with snow? A rainforest that opens up to a waterfall? An idyllic ocean view with the sound of the waves rolling in? A sunset over the hills where the stars start to shine bright?

There is so much beauty and yet, throughout the world, God said it was good until He made a man and a woman, and only then, did His creation become “very good.”

Yet, the most beautiful thing of all was that God was in a place, more stunning than our minds can ever comprehend and He chose to come down from heaven, to be born in a barn and die on a cross. He didn’t deserve it but He knows we are worth it.

We can spend so much time looking at the wonders of the Universe, that we can forget the most important thing that God created and died for.

It’s time for us to realise that although we must care for the world around us, the person beside us, is far more important to God. Because, if all of the human race had a relationship with Him, most of the worlds issues would disappear

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Rebecca Brand

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