The Power of And

There is something powerful about an “And” in a sentence because, for me, it brings a sense of anticipation of what’s next – it’s the cliffhanger of emotions that flood my brain in the millisecond that it takes to read the next word on the page.

Yet, this ”conjunction word” that is used to join the two words together in John 1:14, show that they are balanced as logical equals.

In other words, Jesus was full of 100% grace and 100% truth. There is no distinction between them.

I love this because it shows just how powerful God is. That’s the beauty of the Gospel and the meaning of the Old and New Testament – it all points to, Jesus.

It’s not an either/or circumstances. You can’t have one without the other because without the truth (the reality of who we are) – we would never be able to accept God’s grace (which meets us exactly where we are).

God has beautifully woven the two words together to ensure that we cannot split up truth and grace because, although it can be difficult for us to comprehend, imagine if it was any other way

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