To Be Known

What is the one thing that most people desire?


For our lives to matter…

A sense of purpose…

Personally, I feel we crave the one thing that God has already shown us, within the Gospel of Luke

To be known

I have always just read this Scripture and continued onto the next part of the passage, knowing that God knows me, so I have nothing to worry about. But this morning, it was as if Luke 12:7 was the only thing found in the Bible!

It stood out so clearly that I could not breathe from the reality of being known that intimately by God.

He knows every single hair – numbered – on our head, and yet with all this information, God still wants us to invite Him into our lives.

That’s another thing that hit me. To have all the information is one thing but to be allowed to use it, is quite another

God created us for a relationship with Him and yet, it was always on a “we get to choose” basis. To know who God is is one thing, but I want to now know how many hairs He has on His head.

It is no longer enough to know God is with me. I want to know His face.

To be known and to know God – intimately – that’s the ultimate desire

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