We need to remember that when God makes a promise, He will keep it, but it can be so difficult to remain faithful in the hard times.

God promised Abraham, David, and Jesus amazing things over their lives, and whilst Jesus fulfilled hundreds of promises, all of the promises for each of the men took decades to see come to pass. There are some promises, still, to come true for Jesus.

Today, God continues to make promises to us, but every promise is now a “yes” in Christ.

Therefore, the hardest thing for me is to think of God making a promise, and like Abraham, I may not experience its fullness in my lifetime.

Would we still follow God if we knew the promise over our lives wouldn’t come to fruition?

Could we say yes, when the job hasn’t materialised? When the debt is still mounting? The womb is still empty? The cancer is still attacking our body? The promise seems void.

Could we say yes, that on our death bed, with our last breath, we look back and see that the promise is still to come? Would we feel bitter? Resentment? Anger? Sadness?

I think it is a valid question to ask, because, in order to inherit the promises, we have a responsibility to our faith, in God.

When we say yes to Jesus, it’s remembering who God is and that ultimately, God is good and faithful until the end.

When we say yes, it’s God’s will over our lives, no matter what.

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