It Can Be So Easy

It’s so easy to live to only make a good impression on others or to simply please ourselves, but Paul showed us in Philippians that we need to love one another, and that means to be one in Spirit and purpose.

Selfish ambitions can ultimately ruin relationships, but that doesn’t mean that true humility allows others to treat us any less than we deserve either.

It’s not about putting ourselves down to remain humble, because if you think about it, although we are all sinners before God, through His grace, we are saved and therefore we were paid at a high cost. We are valuable and should treat ourselves that way.

However, Jesus loves others. It was the second greatest command and so, when we consider them before our own needs, we become One with Jesus’ Spirit and His ultimate purpose.

We need to remember that we serve out of love, not guilt or fear. But, we also need to choose the attitude to which we serve in.

So reading Philippians this morning, I was reminded that I want to have an attitude that reflects Jesus.

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