The Bible

IMG_2383I love the Bible, and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it.

I’m the kind of person who, when asked the question, “What three items (not people) would you take onto a desert island?” My first answer – every time – would be, my Bible.

I used to think that the Old Testament and generally, anything that I didn’t agree with, was nothing more than stories, or merely a human perspective of God. I certainly didn’t like the “bad parts” but that’s because I hadn’t understood that God was in control of the Bible’s writings – all Scripture is God-breathed.

The Bible shows us that God created the mountains and died on the cross, but the Bible as a whole is a journey of how His loving grace has also transformed people thereafter.

Why do I love it so much? Because it guides me in the way I should live and it brings a revelation about how God saves and that, God loves me so much, that He wrote a book to show me the truth.

Every word, every sentence, or notion, was carefully inspired by God, for us.

And that takes my breath away

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