I want more of You, God

It has always been about two things, in order for God to move in our lives…

  • A surrendered heart
  • Worship

Because, when we sing to God in worship, and we fully surrender to Him, God brings a fire in our hearts that we can’t contain, and that’s when our lives are changed forever.

That is when God-ordained purposes are fulfilled and destinies are forged.

That is when we see the Spirit move powerfully over our circumstances, but we also see God use us to impact the World around us.

The Church in Acts 2, did not know what was about to happen. They simply had a hunger for God and they had fully surrendered their lives to Him.

It was God’s will, not theirs.

The First Century Church desired God’s presence and the byproduct was a revival.

God loves worship. We read time and time again of the Angels singing in Heaven, but also, one day, we will get to be apart of the greatest 24/7 worship session, we will ever see.

When we see Heaven, it will be because we fully surrendered to God in this lifetime, and we let the Spirit move us so that others could see God’s love through our eyes.

His will, not our own.

My prayer today is simple:

Set a fire down in my soul, that I can’t contain, that I can’t control. I want more of You, God. I want more of You, God.

I want more, of Him

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