When God Fights For You

In Joshua chapter six, this is the moment when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down after Joshua’s army marched around the city walls seven times. You then read how they shouted as loud as they could, as instructed by God.

How beautiful is it, that Joshua understood enough to realise, that God would fight for Him, and his army when he was obedient to the Lord.

This is the simple message of the story – the battles we face in life (when we belong to God) are His to fight.

We don’t need to go to war (in the natural sense) to obtain victory in our lives, but like Joshua’s army, remain silent and believe that God will fight for us when we give the battles we face to Him.

How? We do this by lifting up His name in praise, prayer, or maybe even fasting, but also trust what God says, is the truth.

Give the battles you are facing to God today, and watch how the walls come down in your life so that you are set free.

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Rebecca Brand

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