But if not…

As a young Christian, there were times when I would say, “God…if you are real…you’ll do ______, and give me that miracle.” And there were times that God was gracious to me.

Yet, the times I saw nothing happen led me to go on a journey with God to develop my faith, and trust. But my faith then came from the deeper understanding of not only who God is but also having an intimate relationship with Him.

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trusted God to bring them out of the fire that King Nebuchadnezzar threw them into. However, they were determined to be faithful to God, no matter what happened.

In July this year, I had X-rays that showed I had a fractured spine, but blood tests also revealed an infection too. I was in an insane amount of pain and so, I prayed, and I also received prayer one Sunday, at Church.

The following week, the consultant was surprised when the MRI’s came back “surprisingly good,” because the fracture was nowhere to be seen, and ALL of my discs in my spine “were like new,” yet, I still had some pain in my lower back.

My parents are still unbelievers but my Mum said, that the next time I was going to get prayer, to get “Him” to heal the pain as well. She asked why all of my “issues” weren’t sorted? Honestly, I had no answer as to why I still have some pain but I replied, “I will…but if not, He is still good.”

Faith is not an insurance policy. We don’t believe, in order to get rescued, or healed from sickness, or whatever life throws our way but we serve God whether He intervenes or not, because our Eternal rewards are worth any amount of suffering this world can offer.

So, I am believing, by faith, that the pain will completely go but like so many great people in the Bible – we need to keep walking by faith. We need to keep pressing forward towards the goal, and eventually, everything that God intended will come to pass. However, if it doesn’t include healing from pain, or something that God has said, or maybe you feel like you are being thrown into a fire with friends…

God will still, always be good

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  1. Amen. I pray for the pain to be healed. I suffer daily from chronic pain and fatigue, and I was told over and over again it’s because I don’t have enough faith. I honestly believe it takes more faith to stand firm in Christ despite the constant pain. And you are spot on, God is still good! He is still in control. He is still God. Our bodies are temporal, but our souls are eternal. We will have a body one day with no more pain, no more suffering and be in the continual presence of God. HalleluYah.
    May the Lord heal you of the pain. May he continue to bless you. Prayers for you especially today. Yours in Christ, Tanya x

    • You are such an encouragement, Tanya.

      God is always good, and it is frustrating when others talk about just having ”more faith” but it’s trusting in Him and not focusing on others, who are ill-informed.

      Bless you. You are in my prayers xx

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