Turn To Me

I love reading the prophetic books, but whilst there was a word on God’s judgement, they also come with an outpouring of God’s forgiveness and blessing.

If you knew that today was the last day before Christ returned, what would you do?

God told the people, through Joel, to turn to Him whilst there was still time.

No one knows when Christ will return, and Scripture tells us that He will return like a ”thief in the night,” which means that it will come as a complete surprise.

Therefore, we need to trust and obey God now, whilst we still can. It’s a human perception that there is always enough time…but what if Christ did return tomorrow?

This passage in verse 13 goes on to talk about showing deep remorse, and how people used to tear their clothes to do this. But, God isn’t interested in outward displays, rather, He wants us to show that our hearts are for Him, and not just as an outward action.

So, if we knew Christ was coming tomorrow, and remorse began to rise deep within – would that be an outward gesture, or more, that our hearts have been changed forever?

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