Be Bold, Be You

I woke up this morning and the first thing I heard from God was “Be bold, Be you.” I then asked Him what He meant by that and He reminded me of the scripture that has been placed over my life.

Sometimes, we know what God has called us for and yet, life looks very different to those events, you know, are still to come!

Yesterday, I was looking through the book that I wrote this year and it comes from my heart to see people find freedom – it’s my proclamation that “captives will be released.”

I write this post still unsure when it will be published but I stand firm in the faithfulness of God – He asked me to write it and therefore in His perfect timing, it will be released.

Life’s Greatest Battles will change lives but in being obedient to writing, I realised yesterday that mine already had changed, because I have become an author, and I am excited for whatever God brings next.

So while I wait (not so patiently) I’m starting my second book that God has placed on my heart, because if God has given you a dream, don’t stand around and wait. Press forward towards the goal and watch those miracles come to pass

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