Psalm 51 was written by David and came at the time of his adultery with Bathsheba.

David pleaded with God for mercy, forgiveness, and cleansing, because David knew that he had to make things right in his own heart to serve God.

This Psalm shows God will always forgive someone who is truly repentant – no sin is too great to not be forgiven – after all, David was a murderer.

Yet, although our sin is always forgiven, God does not always stop the natural consequences of our sin, and as we see in David’s own life and family, they were never the same again as a result of what David did.

David knew that it wasn’t about routine and his relationship with God was so much more than sacrificing a burnt offering (which was the Old Testament Law at that time). David understood 100 of years before Jesus died on the cross that all God truly wants is our hearts.

Sometimes I have reflected on situations that I am facing and have realised that I am trying to seek God’s forgiveness by sacrificing an offering. Whereas, I realise now, that all God truly wants, is me.

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