Making Plans

I love to plan; there is something about dreaming that just fills me to the brim.

Although there was a time where I used to drive Kieren nuts – apparently because I am adorable ๐Ÿ˜‰ – but I would have to have the “What If” conversation.

You know the one…

“What if…this happens?” or “What if…this doesn’t happen?”

Kieren on the other hand is the type of person who would be calm and collected when a Tsunami hit.

He’s not reactive…whereas compared to me; I’ve learnt to become this way…slowly…as in, I’m still getting better at it.

But, what I have realised is, it’s good to have goals, but not ones where we have left out God because those are the ones that bring disappointment.

If you are a Christian, then there is no point making plans as though God doesn’t exist, because we know, or we can certainly read, that our future is in His hands.

So like me, I still plan, after all, God created me this way, but I hold them loosely. I comfortable now with โ€things change, โ€ but I am now, fully aware, of making God’s desires at the centre of it all because my most significant lesson is that, God will never disappoint us.

Therefore, now, my motto in life is, โ€If the Lord wants me to, only then, will I do it, โ€ because I always want to try and remain faithful, as this life is about God’s will, not my own.

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Rebecca Brand

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