Believing in Unbelief

I was reading Mark chapter 9 this morning, and this is where Jesus heals the demon-possessed boy after His disciples were unable to drive out the same evil spirit.

My first question was why couldn’t the disciples cast out this demon, when we read in chapter 6, they had done so before? To be honest, this passage doesn’t give us the answer, but it does talk about faith.

Faith is not something that we can obtain without help. If we were to try and defeat Satan by defeating sin and temptation on our own, we wouldn’t get very far, let alone fulfilling what God put us on this earth to do! This is because victory comes through faith in Christ, not through our efforts.

This does not mean that we automatically obtain anything we want by thinking positively.

Jesus’ words mean that anything IS possible if we believe, but we, unfortunately, take scripture out of context, and then God gets the blame when our lists aren’t met. We know that NOTHING is too difficult for God but as a loving Father, God cannot give us everything we pray for, but with faith, we will certainly have everything we need to serve Him – it’s His will not our own.

Faith is a gift from God, and I was thinking about what the boy’s father meant in verse 24.

How many of us have asked this from God – “Help me to believe!”

Help me to believe…That the job is near…That my health will be restored…That I will have a baby…That the money will come…That I will live another day…and it goes on.

I love that faith is not about us becoming self-sufficient and no matter how much faith we have, we will still be relying on God, as much as we were when we gave our lives to Him, because it is a daily fight to renew our mind and thus, put our trust in Jesus to show us the way.

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Rebecca Brand

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