The strength to fight

We live across the road from acres of cornfields, but quite often I will watch Birds of Prey flying around the area.

Yesterday, as my Husband was driving, I witnessed a battle between one of these beautiful birds and a tiny sparrow.

At first glance, my initial reaction was that the Bird of Prey has just caught itself a “snack”, but as I watched the acrobatic battle in the sky, I realised that the sparrow was fighting back.

How many of us are fighting for our lives right now?

If this speaks to you, then I encourage you to read Psalm 18, because I felt God speak to me and say, if I give birds the strength to fight, imagine what you can do.

You may be faced with an opponent that looks fierce, and that other people may warn you from attacking back (metaphorically speaking), but if God is asking you to stand and fight, then like that sparrow, you need to fight for your life.

David comes to mind for several reasons because if God gave him the strength to defeat Goliath, then God will provide you with the strength to crush your giant as well.

But also, this Psalm was written at a time when David was delivered from the hands of Saul and David realised that the only sure way of victory is to call upon God for help and strength.

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