Trust Him

Trust, is something that needs to be earned and we can go through life feeling uneasy about specific people or circumstances.

“I just don’t trust _____.” or “There’s just something about _____.”

Sound familiar?

Yet, trusting in God, who is the author of our story, is the difference between someone watching a movie trailer for the first time and having to speak about it, compared to the movie writer and director. We are more than likely to trust in the quality of a blockbuster from a well-known actor compared to a new person in the film.

If trust is earned, then it calls for a relationship. You cannot know someone if you’re not spending time with them.

The same goes for God.

I look back on my Christian journey, and there have been situations that I have faced, where, to the person looking in from the outside, they have called me crazy. Because I have experienced peace and calm throughout that chapter of my life; but Psalm 9 reminded me today, that God never ignores our cries for help and He certainly will not leave those who seek Him.

I am currently going through a season of uncertainty, but I trust God because I know who He is and let’s not forget, God’s promises do not mean that if we believe in Him, we escape loss or suffering; but it does say that God, Himself, will never leave us – no matter what.

Who do we know God to be…






_____ (you full in the blank)

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