How about now God?

Frustrations build…

Wrong doors get bulldozed open to try and make a way…

We cry out to God…

We scream in anger at getting left behind…

We laugh hysterically at how wrong we MUST have been…

And then, we give up.

How many of us have put to death our God-given dreams?

How many people are feeling unfulfilled or resentful within their lives right now?

I came across something that I wrote over a year ago to myself, and I hope it encourages you, as it still does for me:

  • Joseph waited for 13 years, as a slave.
  • Abraham waited for 25 years, before the breakthrough of his promised Son.
  • Jesus waited for 30 years until He started His ministry.
  • Moses waited for 40 years, in the wilderness.

I don’t know how long it will be until I am walking in the promises God has given me, but when I look at the great heritage that I am following, it brings me comfort.

Is it frustrating…absolutely. Is it necessary…for sure, because there is always a lesson in the waiting and above all, I trust God.

I read these testimonies written in the Bible, and it gives me hope of what is to come.

The cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) is looking down at us and my prayer today is that we will share the same boldness, perseverance, and faith that these incredible people had to keep going. They never gave up on what God had put on their hearts, and nor should we because then we too can inspire others to do the same.

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