Don’t stop children

I love the attitude children have towards Jesus – simple yet powerful.

If the Bible says it, it’s true. No debates. No stress. No doubt or fear.

Sometimes, children are such a breath of fresh air because they have pure faith in their beliefs towards Jesus.

Jesus told His disciples not to stop children from coming to Him because they are trusting in nature and that can bring breakthroughs in the world.

Children should be used in the Kingdom, just as much as you or I, as they have the Holy Spirit along with their God-given gifts and talents.

My daughter recently prayed at our church meeting. It was her first time speaking to a crowd, but I could see she was nervous. As her Momma, my initial reaction was to be with her, yet, as I stood there and instead prayed for boldness, she spoke with confidence and simplicity. I saw a shift in her Spirit as she prayed humbly and sincerely. If Sarai prays for a breakthrough – she expects a breakthrough. If she prays for healing – she waits for the healing! She doesn’t second-guess.

I think we can learn a lot from children and in the last days, the Bible says, God will pour out His Spirit on ALL His sons and daughters. (Acts 2:17)

But, that means we must understand that children will play a part in seeing Jesus come again, and who are we to stop them?

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