The life we lead

No one deserves to be saved, and yet God freely gives us a choice anyway.

I woke up this morning with gratitude in my heart and a love for God that I cannot describe because God loves me, He chose me, and sent Christ to die for me – as He did, for you.

Jesus broke the power that the enemy had over us when He conquered the grave. I love that Jesus defeated death and so, we are free to live the life that God created for us, as individuals.

Faith in Christ allows us to walk into our God-given purpose.

Faith in Christ allows us to move forward into the unknown because we understand He is for us and not against us.

Faith in Christ allows us to see past our circumstances and stand firm in God’s promises.

Faith in Christ allows us to lead a “Holy life,” that reflects God’s moral attributes and therefore, love like never before

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Rebecca Brand

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