Be God for a second

I dare you to dream…

To dream bigger than you ever thought possible.

You know what I mean…

The scary, audacious ones that have your heart beating out of your chest, kinda dreams.

Especially the dreams where people say:

“It can’t be done”


“You’ll never achieve it”

Because that is where our faith and trust kick in…

People laugh when I tell them my dreams (or just stand there with their mouth open) but God has shown me that this life is preparation for the life to come. And so, I’ll take the looks, the disbelief, and eye-rolling, because if God has truly ordained it, then I need to step into that calling.

Do you believe what people say about you, or whom God says you are to become?

Do you believe that God’s dream for your life is bigger and better than your biggest, wildest, most insane, life-changing, awe-inspiring, global-scale dream, that you can ever imagine?

You betcha it is!

Why can I say this?

Because Ephesians 3:20 tells me so…

So start dreaming like God

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