Let’s be honest…

There is something powerful about this realisation because the truth really does set you free.

The realisation that we all have a natural inclination to sin.

That Jesus didn’t come here to be publicly humiliated and beaten to a pulp for the ninety-nine. He came here for the one. It’s always been about you and I.

When we let our guards down with this fact, it changes us from within, because we realise that we are the “one.”


Let’s be honest…

We are all capable of sinning in this life, but there is this pretence of perfectionism in the world that we seem to try to adhere to. Yet this idea is either self-deceptive or just an outright lie.

The death of Christ does not mean much to some, but for Christian’s, it’s our everything.

We cannot pretend to be a Christian – God sees our innermost thoughts. Therefore, if you have confessed with your lips that you love Jesus, then let your guard down.

The fact is, that we are all sinners, we all make mistakes and that is why we all need Jesus. His blood cleanses us.

I am not ashamed to say that I am “the one” that Jesus came for.

How about you?

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