Which category are you in?

Are you more of a boffin? A goody-two-shoes?

Or do you have more of a rebellious nature?

I myself lived in fear of trying to accomplish everything that I needed to do during my school years. I would stay up late and work on my projects after school in order to try and get the best grades.

On the other hand, my twin brother hated school and homework and there was a time in our lives, that I would even do his schoolwork, as well as mine, but he would get better grades than me (how does that even work?!?)

After I turned 16 years old, it all changed for me. I rebelled. I left college after two weeks and decided to try and carve my own path. No-one was going to tell me how to live my life.

Yet, that is when I made mistake after mistake after mistake. But rather than ask for help, I would simply bury my frustration and pain, and go again. Thus repeating the same mistakes over and over, much to the dismay of my Mum.

Like a loving parent, God teaches and directs us.

I have definitely learnt the hard way! Therefore now, I will always listen to His direction because that is when I experience His peace.

The Bible says all scripture is good for teaching us and why we should ultimately obey God’s word.

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