The meaning of life

So many people have had philosophical discussions about the true meaning of life. For some, sadly, they feel that there is none.

Yet, the answer is found in the Bible, written by Solomon. Although Solomon was given great wisdom by God, ย he was by no means perfect and he tried many things in search of life’s true meaning. He wrote Ecclesiastes to spare future generations, the bitterness of learning what he did, through their own experience.

His conclusion is profound – that life is meaningless when we’re apart from God.

Ecclesiastes shows that certain paths in life lead us to feel empty when all we do is strive for fulfillment and enjoyment by our own means because it only leads to disappointment. Nothing in this world can fill the restlessness we feel or the longing for more. No amount of knowledge, money, pleasure, work, or popularity can help us feel satisfied, other than when we turn to focus on God.

His love alone fills our hearts until it is overflowing with joy, wisdom and a love for others that we cannot contain!

Life is so short and we need wisdom far greater than this world can offer. We need the Bible because it spares us the bitterness of what human experience can offer and gives us a hope that is yet to come.

Let’s not forget though, as to the reason why we are here, today, in this world…

In order to gain the understanding of our purpose in this life, it can only be achieved by getting to know God – a relationship like no other – because then and only then, will we seek to keep His commands, which is what Solomon concludes is everyone’s duty.

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