Saying no…

IMG_2319.PNGThe grace of God teaches us to say no because Christ’s death gives us the freedom to do so. That is a powerful notion – whatever we are struggling with, God can help us overcome anything – but we have to say no to it.

God gives us the power and understanding to live according to His will when we renew our mind. In other words, His ways become our ways and His thoughts can start to become ours.

But the one thing that I have found, especially in my own life is: In order to say no to the things that hurt us, so often we must say yes to serving Christ first.

When God is first in my life, the fight becomes easier because I am able to see the characteristics that Titus describes here in this scripture. It doesn’t mean I’m infallible but more, that I have learnt that my eyes need to stay focused on the One who can see me through

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