Come back!

This prophetic declaration was made by Zechariah after he had told Israel of the coming King. This literally gave me goosebumps reading this verse today because of it being so on point, even in today’s society.

How many people have left Christianity because the seduction of the world was more tempting, compared to God’s Word? How many of us are living in spiritual poverty because we continue to believe the lies, over the One who saved our souls?

My heart breaks…but not only the ones who have walked away from Christ but for all the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah Witness’ and any other cult. For the gang members, prostitutes, addicts, and anyone else that has yet to find Yahweh.

Who do we see, when we come across these people in life?

God’s lost children or are they inconveniences? Are we the older son, looking at God running to the one that He wants to embrace, and feeling angry, jealous, and asking “why them?”

God’s prophetic call is for ALL His children to “come back” to Him. For everyone to be released from the prison that holds us spiritually captive. To realise that our hope is only found in Jesus – the One true King! He is our safety and our refuge. He leads us to eternity and He is coming, but God wants not one to perish.

We have hope.

They still have hope.

Let’s start to call the prodigal’s home and love them, as God loves us.

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