Power 💥

I think of power like an explosion…it’s instant…and it radically changes its surroundings. But the Holy Spirit is so much more than the manifestations that we can see with our eyes.

He isn’t limited! Therefore, the real power is when the Holy Spirit dwells within us. That’s when we receive power in things like courage, boldness, confidence, ability, and in our God given authority!

It’s a journey of discovering who we truly are in God’s plan for humanity.

Just like the disciples, we need all the gifts that God desires to give us, in order to fulfil what He is asking us to do.

In Acts 1:8 it says that the disciples would receive power, when the Holy Spirit came, and that they would be Jesus’ witnesses. Notice, this wasn’t a instant thing, and this is what I think we miss a lot of the time, because we try to do things ahead of God (which is funny when you think about it.)

Waiting is part of God’s plan and to be truly effective in the Kingdom, we need God’s perfect timing and power to witness effectively.

We live in an era that loves to be entertained but witnessing shouldn’t be about what we can do in God’s name, but telling others what God has done for you, through love.

Love conquers all and that’s the true power of the Gospel.

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