In the mundane

Do you ever wish that every moment of life was full of laughter and God-given adventures, that fills your soul with joy?

Often, life can seem boring and even mundane. I imagine that the first couple of days the army walked around the wall, was exciting and one big adventure!

But, by the third day, I would have been wondering, “What are we doing here? Nothing’s happening!”

This is where a lot of us are in our walk with God. We can feel like nothing is happening in life and that God has left us hanging!

But, just like Joshua, when we trust God in the mundane times, He is actually laying the foundations of our faith, in order to prepare us for the next step.

Trust Him – even when life isn’t exciting because God IS GOOD and He never ever forgets you.

If you are feeling disheartened, seek God’s peace during this time, because when we try to advance in life in our own strength, we can often miss what God is trying to show us.

Let Him make your path straight

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