Faith – a simple word with big impact


It’s such a simple word and yet the results from it, are life changing.

I remember back in 2005, I had just become a Christian and, I was awaiting reconstructive-knee surgery but being honest – life was actually miserable.

People hope that when you let Jesus into your heart, there’s this magic God-sent formula that comes and it takes all our hardships and pain away, but I remember saying to my Minister, “Is that it?”

Yet, I was so excited, determined, and expectant for Jesus to move in my life, that I went away with a joyful heart.

This was also a time in my life, when I was classed as being physically disabled. I had Reynauds Disease but unfortunately, it was extreme.

For instance: There were some days that I couldn’t cut up my own food as my hands were badly shaped. There were days that I couldn’t hardly walk and some, that I couldn’t move to get out of bed, from the pain. This disease was debilitating and soul destroying.

One day a Church Elder met with me and prayed. She felt that God was saying, “Do I trust Him?” In the next sentence she said that this was a faith step, but again she felt that I had to come off my medication – to walk by faith not by sight.

Reynauds is an incurable disease but my medication (three times per day) allowed for the blood vessels in my body to open so that the pain subsided and I could walk.

I went home and prayed. I came across the above scripture in 1 Peter. Jesus died so we could be free but sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves prisoners when the shackles have already been taken away. We are healed because of what He did for us.

That night I stopped taking my medication. I had an unexplainable peace but there was no earth shaking or lightening bolts…just a sense.

The next morning, I got out of bed and went about my day…suddenly realising that I hadn’t taken my medication and there was no pain.

That was 13 years ago and I still haven’t taken any medication. The medical professionals called it a “miracle” and it took the words right out of my mouth.

Faith can be so simple yet the scariest thing you will ever do. It can be life changing and yes, faith doesn’t make sense – but that’s the whole point. I am not saying that you all should come off your medications or do something radical but just like Peter in the boat – He waited until God said to get out.

You may ask, “What if God doesn’t heal me?” And my answer to you would be, “Ok, but what if He did?”

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Rebecca Brand

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