The River

There is so much depth within the Prophetic Books. I love to see the prophet’s journey unfold to serve God.

We have all been given a will to choose. To submit. To follow.

Ezekiel lived what he preached, and faithfully obeyed God – even to show no sorrow when his wife died.

Could we actually do the same, if asked by God?

Ezekiel was fearless in preaching the word of God to the exiles. He was fearless in bringing truth of God’s love and power to them evangelistically but right at the end of the book in chapter 47, Ezekiel gives us this picture of “The River From The Temple.”

How amazing is it to think that fruit trees of all kinds (us) will be on either side of the river (God) and we will produce continuous fruit (from being a disciple of Christ – a Christian.)

We won’t get tired or fall away because God sustains is, in health and strength, wherever the river goes.

God brings life…God is life and that to me, is a beautiful picture that Ezekiel brings to us.

We need to realise that God won’t leave us in our pursuit to fulfil what He has created us to do.

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