Don’t just pray for yourself

If God answered the prayers you have been praying, would it change anyone else’s world but your own?

I read this question this morning – ouch!

It certainly made me think about what prayers I currently have.

Although God doesn’t need us (because He is all-powerful and all-knowing) He has chosen to let us help Him change the world through our prayers.

How and why – let’s be honest, our limited understanding can not comprehend, but the Bible shows us this reality over and over and as it says in the book of James:

“Our earnest prayers have powerful results” (James 5:16)

So we need to remember how Jesus showed us to pray in the Lords Prayer (God-Others-Us) as sometimes I feel I can rush into the day and not take the time to pray for everything on my heart and actually, I know that I can achieve far more through prayer, than trying to do anything on my own!

5 Comments on “Don’t just pray for yourself

  1. Wow! Great food for thought. I enjoy interceding for people. However, my greatest prayer has been to be healed. Since being chronically ill, God has been using me in mighty ways to reach out to more people than I could have ever imagined through blogging and social media. This really spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you xx

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    • Love this! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes our biggest fears or our biggest obstacles become our greatest ministry. God bless you xx


  2. I just remember A-C-T-S and the five fingers (when I get to “S”) to make sure I’ve covered everything (apart from myself) 🙂 Cheers and a blessed day to you!

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