Greater is He

This is another one of my favourite scriptures because it puts things into simple perspective…

It is easy to become frightened of all the wickedness and hatred in the world, as we see it all around us.

It can also become overwhelming with the problems we face and trying to overcome those things.

This shows that evil is so much stronger than we ever could be.

John assured us in this scripture, however, that God is even stronger. He will conquer ALL evil and the thing that I love is His Spirit and His word live in our hearts.

3 Comments on “Greater is He

  1. I thrill at the audacious and powerful engagement of Alice with the dragon jabberwocky, in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. She was trained by her dad to list 7 impossible things that are true before starting each day. What a victory mindset! Nothing is impossible for those who believe!❤️👍🙌👏👏👏

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