Why we hate to suffer

We’ve all done it…

Looked at other people’s Facebook page or Instagram photos and imagined what things would be like, “if only….”

The problem with today’s society, is having the ability to watch other people’s lives play out before their very eyes.

We start to desire things that God might not have planned for us. Then we compare ourselves to that person and ask “what do they have, that I don’t?”

Do you ever look at persecuted Christian’s in the same way and then ask God to be like them?

When they have lost their homes, their jobs, families, survived torture or watched loved ones die because they didn’t renounce Christ.

It’s a sobering thought!

I am not saying that we should seek out persecution, in the same way we seek to get more “likes” or “followers” but we shouldn’t avoid it either.

Therefore, keep doing what God has asked of you, regardless of the outcome and don’t be ashamed of it because God created you for that specific purpose that no one else can fulfil

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