Gods’ vision for you

IMG_0727.PNGI love that this day was ordained by God before I was even born. To think that I was created with God’s purpose in mind. The Creator of the universe thought that I was needed in this world – and so are you.

Do you know that you were born with the potential to do extraordinary things for Christ in your life? This journey and purpose comes from realising what your life’s vision is about, because when you discover Gods’ vision for you, you will be forever changed.

Don’t allow today’s discouragements to stop you moving into tomorrow’s promises that God has shown to you, because if it does, there will always be a hole in your soul.

God decided long ago what you could be and should be in this world. That vision can only become a reality when we seek God and allow ourselves to be shaped and moulded into who God ultimately created us to be.

You were born for this! Therefore don’t give up.

Be blessed


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