Why I am passionate for Christ…

In verse 8 of this Psalm, David says, “My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.” This is the balance that I desire in my walk with Christ – that I will cling to God, but underneath everything, Gods hand is still holding me up.

The Hebrew word used for “clings,” relates to affection and this is why we need to be passionate about Christ.

Seeking after God means keeping your passion for Him alive. It’s all about the heart and ultimately that’s what God is interested in anyway. The inner passion we have should be seen outwardly in order to show others who He is.

As I think about what Christ has done in my life, I become emotional. I reflect on His great love and faithfulness towards ME over my years as a Christian and that is why I know His love is better than life itself.

4 Comments on “Why I am passionate for Christ…

  1. I love seeing your emails come through that you’ve uploaded any blog. They’re always so challenging and encouraging!! 💕

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