Stop living in the past

How many of us still live in the past? Re-living past hurts…past events…or even past achievements? Sometimes it is good to look back, in order to see how far you have come but Paul reminds us of why the past is the past.

The veil Moses placed over his face, stopped the Israelites from being scared of the radiance of God but in contrast, it also meant people couldn’t see the radiance fading. This is a picture of the old system or law fading; that people who are not in Christ have a veil on their minds in understanding Gods grace and love.

Anyone that comes to Christ, the Spirit removes that veil.

We can let go of our past guilt, shame, things we have done wrong or things that are holding us back because we receive freedom and then have a “face-to-face” relationship with God.

Ultimately, we then reflect Gods glory in our lives and others see that.

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