Actions speak louder than words…


There are so many pressures from society for everyone to “conform” to what the Worldly viewpoints are but I don’t think that life can be that simple for Christians.

True worship to God is to offer ourselves as a “living sacrifice”. Therefore we aren’t supposed to be “moulded” by anyone else but more (as this scripture says) we need to allow ourselves to be transformed by the mind of Christ. This can make us stand out and I am reading more frequently about Christian individuals that take a stand against political or social issues, which brings persecution in some form.

We need to always remember that when we go against the grain, there is always a cost. Whether that is against the World – or against Christ. However, I think we need to remember that although conforming to the World, is not necessarily a good thing – nor is doing something at the expense of God.

The rest of Chapter 12 in Romans, describes (in my opinion) what transformation of the mind looks like. We should live humbly – there is no room for pride. Remember we  belong to one another just like different parts of the same body. Everyone was created for a purpose to fulfil Gods greater plan. God loves everyone, just as much as you or I.

Lastly, Paul addresses matters of judgement, in that it should be left to God. Therefore, the only thing left for us to do is bless our “enemies”, love them as Christ loves us, speak Gods word, encourage, give to the poor and care for everyone!

Actions most certainly speak louder than words and that’s where true transformation comes from.

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Rebecca Brand

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