Hardship tells a story


I recently was admitted to Hospital but during the ambulance journey into A&E, God gave me a moment in time, that I was able to speak to the Paramedic about Jesus. He look at me and said “You are one of those religious people, aren’t you? I know because there has never been a person in this amount of pain that doesn’t swear and curse constantly.” We spent only a few moments, talking about what was different about me, as “I didn’t look like one of those raving mad religious freaks”. I shared with him about the difference between religion and faith. How Jesus had transformed my life and that I will follow Him until my dying breath.

I remember at some point, the Paramedic came and found me again in Hospital to see how I was doing but he said that what I told him, had struck a cord. He had apparently walked away from religion years ago, after being raised catholic. People had done unspeakable things to him and he decided that he couldn’t measure up to who he thought he had to be. I pray for the seed, that has now been planted.

Some people question why Christians go through hardship. Jesus never said that our walk would be easy – just look at what happened to the Apostles. However, over the past 10 days, I have been encouraged and uplifted by Gods goodness and His word. He has outpoured His love into the very depths of my soul. I awoke in various states of consciousness to see His hand upon me. I will always praise Jesus – even when it hurts. We live to glorify Him in ALL circumstances.

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Whether we understand what those reasons are – is kind of irrelevant to me. Ultimately, we a blessed to be a blessing. God consoled and refreshed me from His presence; which then gave me the strength to speak life, into dry bones.


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Rebecca Brand

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  1. Tracey collins

    Hi hun sorry to hear that you havent been well. Ive just read your chat with the paramedic and i to lost all my faith and belief after losing my 27 year old son sam last year . Not just because of me as a mother or the family in general feeling the pain of his loss but the fact that he was taken from his partner of 10 years and his 3 beautiful sons to me there is no reason. I know he had very rare & painful disease conected with rheumatoid arthritis with no cure but we just dnt understand why. Xxxx sending you & your famiy much love from us all in newquay cornwall. Xxxxc

    • I am so sorry for your loss Tracey. Nothing can prepare us for the death of a loved one, let alone a Child. I am praying that you feel Gods presence and love once again; that He may comfort you in your time of need. God bless xx

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