When faith makes no sense…

In Christianity, we hear the word “faith” a lot…we need more faith…all you need is a little faith…and so on, but what happens if you struggle to lead a life of faithfulness? 

Hebrews 11 teaches me, that faith is more than a belief system but it is an assurance of God’s existence; confidence in his ability to bring about change in this world through us and certainty that his promises will be fulfilled. The Bible therefore allows me to read about the things that has happened, through faith in God.

When I first became a Christian; I used to pray for things like “a parking space when I was running late” or I’d pray that I would “find my keys” that had disappeared (I’m not saying that this is wrong) but now, it’s become a desire to have faith that all these amazing Men, (mentioned in Hebrews 11) had. A faith where they lived and died, still believing for things, they did not receive.

Faith sometimes doesn’t make sense, but to me, that’s the point…it’s having a belief or a “confidence in what we do not see”. Faith is stepping out into the unknown to achieve something that God has for us because God’s goal is not to change our circumstances – it is to change us. To renew our minds so that we start to dream God-sized dreams. Dreams to change the World and bring His children back to Christ.

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