It’s not about the “what ifs”…

When we take out, our own rationale in situations we are going through, and turn to God, something beautiful happens because fear has no power in our lives – unless we allow it in – and the scripture in 2 Timothy 1:7, reminds me that God gave me a spirit of love, power and sound mind.

So many times, I have played current situations over and over in my mind. By nature, we can sometimes think about the “what ifs” but God has called us to live faithfully and prayerfully…this is so we learn to trust in His goodness and His plan and purpose for our lives.

When I feel fearful in my life now, I realise that I am doing things in my own strength – I haven’t let go of the situation. 

However, when God is in control of my life…When I am praying and seeking His will – I have abundant peace because He frees me from the fear of the unknown.

Turn to God today, let go of that situation that’s been holding you back and walk in the freedom, that Jesus died for.

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