The awe of creation…

I am in constant awe of Gods creation and the beauty it possesses. From the individualism of snowflakes; the tides being pulled by the moon; bumblebees being able to fly and even the beauty of every sunset.
Humanity is in a constant process of discovery. I love it when scientists make breakthroughs, that allow us to broaden our minds, to the wonders of the Universe. 

I remember (as an unbeliever) having the most crazy questions that “had” to be answered before I could even entertain the thought of a God and yet one morning, I got up early to drive and watch the sunrise. 

The graceful ascend of the sun, over the calmness of the coastline; together with the systematic sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and shore…made me ponder.

Scientifically, it states that life can only come from pre-existing life, so it got to the point that the only question I was asking (whilst watching the sunrise) – was whether I believed in a creator? Was it still easy for me to try and rationalise something, that made no logical sense anymore?

I understand now (reading Romans 1:20) that God has made the World beautiful, in order that we are drawn to making new discoveries. From this – like me – I began to question is there more to life than this? 

The answer was mind-blowing, when my “eyes were finally opened” and I found God.

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