God will guide you…

I love Isaiah 58!!!

It goes through what God wants us to do, as a true act of Worship to Him.

Isaiah talks through fasting (not eating) and the Sabbath (not working). They are both an outward expression of “not doing something for The Lord”. However, Isaiah challenges us that it’s not just about “going through the motions” – we need to be sincere. It shows that what we “don’t do” isn’t enough to make us right before God.

There are many Christians that say “we don’t know what our purpose is” in this World. Does it however,  stop anyone from using their natural gifting or doing something that they love for Gods glory? Our journey with God should not be defined by what we “don’t do” but more, by what we actually do.

Isaiah goes through what it is to be sincere with the Lord…

  1. It shows that we must love others just as much as ourselves
  2. God will then guide us and prepare the way
  3. Life is then transformed – from a desert to a garden
  4. We will then build Gods kingdom and not just be a bystander

I find this a beautiful picture. Not just for Israel (that God was showing them that the nation would be restored) but in today’s society (that where-ever we are in our Christian walk, this chapter brings hope of restoration and transformation through Gods guidance).

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