Why the World is beautiful 

We need to change our perspective on the World, so that we see it as God made it to be, not how it appears to us.

We can get caught up in our “stuff”. We can go through life without seeing God’s hand in everything around us. This world has, not only gained possession of our hearts but it has formed thoughts against the beauty of God’s creation.

If we constantly look at our lives through our own eyes, then the chances are, that we will face situations that will hold us back. We need to see the world…our relationships…our finances…through Gods eyes, that is when things, start to make sense.

God has appointed everything to its season but we forget that seasons come and go. “Life is like the morning fog” (James 4:14) Life is so short, so find the good in everything and see your life through how God designed it to be.

Renew your mind and see how truly beautiful, life is.

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