He fills you with the good stuff…


I used to think that I was “happy”. I loved life and all that the World had to offer me but the truth was, when behind closed doors, I felt alone and “empty”. I used to hide behind, who I wanted people to see me as, rather than, who God had created me to be.

My bible was used as a coaster. I rarely prayed and I would go months, without going to Church.

Then I started listening to His voice.

Don’t get me wrong, God had always been there – I had just ignored what He was saying (as I knew best…obviously). One day I began to get to know the person who had saved my soul. I had nothing else to lose – behind the closed doors, my life was falling apart with depression and anger of past hurts.

When I started walking with God day by day, I wanted more of Him and less of things that tempted me into situations I would later regret. The desire for stuff became the desire for relationships. To love God. To love my Husband. To love my Daughter and to love my Family. That is what is important.

Looking back, Jesus has quite literally changed my life and I am so happy for it. I can’t imagine going a day now, without Him

Psalm 107:9 For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”


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Rebecca Brand

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