Come as you are…


God will give a crown of beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3).

Do you ever think about something that has happened to you but in the end you became better person from the challenge you faced? That is a crown of beauty.

Our positive attitudes, smiles, words of encouragement, our inner and outer strength, our obvious healing and our successes are rubies in the crown.

Ash is something that remains after it is burned. In other words, it is finished – so whatever the ash may be, it is done. You have been delivered and given glory from Jesus Christ.

We are all on a personal journey and this means different things to different people. Before the ashes became ashes, they were real people, real situations and real hopes and promises. We ask ourselves “Why me?”

But the Lord did not promise us worldly things. He did however, promise us he will always be present. A blessing may not even seem like a blessing when we receive it but the Lord is on time and never goes back on his word.

The sooner we seek him in the midst of our trials and tribulations, the sooner his blessing will appear.


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