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I am currently training to run the Auckland Half Marathon in November 2016.

I procrastinate every chance I get to “remind” God exactly how much I hate running & yet today while I was out, I looked around at the beautiful scenery & took in Gods masterpiece.

I was reminded that through the aches and pains or the trials we face, there is a story that comes from all circumstances.

This is a story that God will use to speak to those in similar situations & bring them out the other side…just like you.

I want to be happy in everything that I do so that I will glorify God – as you never know how long we have in this life.

I want to be thankful in all circumstances…How about you?

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Rebecca Brand

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  1. Rebecca, I like your attitude. One of the blessings of living longer is to see all of your own tricks. Oh, the things we can see in the dark. After a difficult period of grief, I am enjoying life in different light with a new heart and eyes.

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