Rebecca Brand

Helping others learn about:

?? The Prophetic
?? Spiritual Warfare
? Angelic Realm
? Spiritual Freedom
???? Loving those who hurt us
?? Victory in God


  1. Your last line is the clencher for me. Trusting God for the use of my gifts. One of those gifts that not everyone has is time. We all have the same amount, but many of us have various obligations that need to be met (and to do otherwise would dishonor God), but others of us have time “on our hands” so to speak, and it should be considered a gift to be used for His kingdom. What more should I be trusting God for??

    • We should always have faith & trust regarding the promises that God has made to us but individually that is something that only God can answer you

      Prayer is the key & then having the time to listen to what he has to say!


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